Payment policy

Below is the payment policy
Our goal at Petshopeg is to facilitate the purchase process and complete the shopping process comfortably for our valued customers, and we have provided you with secure payment by various means, which include:
o Pay cash on delivery
o Pay via paymob
All transactions made via electronic payment methods are due immediately upon payment.

  • We do not store any data related to electronic payment methods on our systems, and payment details are protected before transmission using the latest electronic protection technologies that follow the highest security standards.
    The user must protect his password, personal data, and credit card details, and not share it with others.
    The user must ensure the correctness and accuracy of the payment information.
    We only use your personal information for purposes related to fulfilling your requests, and we do not disclose it to any third party under any circumstances.
    Petshopeg will not be held responsible in the event of an error in the payment process by any user, nor shall it be held responsible for piracy or fraud on the cards used for payment.
  • You are notified on the electronic payment page about accepting the payment process, but your credit card may be rejected for several reasons, including the lack of verification of the validity of the card or its failure to provide it with an online shopping service (in this case, contact your bank and ask him to provide your card with this service). We are not responsible if the credit card service provider rejects the payment process.
  • The user must ensure that the payment data is entered correctly (which includes: the credit card number – the name on the credit card – the card’s security code (the three numbers on the back – the expiration date).
  • The order will be activated and start preparing after receiving the payment confirmation.
    Petshopeg reserves the right to amend the payment policy as it sees fit, by deleting or adding new methods.
    If you are experiencing payment difficulties, you can contact us at:
     +201091191144


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